Disclosure and Informed Consent

Katie Meredith
School Counselor
Nebraska City Middle School
901 1ST Corso
Nebraska City, NE 68410

Students and parents are entitled to know my qualifications, the counseling services available within the school setting and the manner in which these services are provided, as well as the laws and limitations regarding confidentiality. If at any time you wish to obtain further information or report a complaint, you may contact the principal of my school or the Nebraska Board of Mental Health Practice.

My Qualifications

I have completed 45 hours of graduate course work in pursuit of a Master of Education in School Counseling degree from Chadron State College. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in pedagogy and a minor in communication from Nebraska Wesleyan University along with a Nebraska Educator’s Certificate. I have worked as an educator for six years and also have experience working with at-risk youth and families experiencing crisis situations.

Counseling Services

As the Middle School Counselor for Nebraska City Public Schools in Nebraska City, Nebraska, I offer a variety of support services for students on an individual and group basis. I facilitate personal and academic development in collaboration with classroom teachers in order to develop habits of safety, respectfulness, responsibility and resourcefulness within our student body.

In my capacity as a school counselor, I do not perform long-term counseling services. I do provide crisis management and short-term brief therapy. I utilize problem-focused and goal-directed strategies in order to assist students in resolving problems and working toward short and long-term goals. If a student requires more assistance than I am able to offer within the school setting, I provide referrals to outside services that are able to deliver long-term, intensive therapy. When a student seeks counseling services outside the school setting, neither I, nor Nebraska City Public Schools, accepts responsibility for payment of the therapist's services.

As your counselor, I will inform you of purposes, goals, techniques and rules of procedure, under which you may receive counseling, and I will treat you with respect as a unique individual. I am concerned about your educational, career, emotional and behavioral needs, and I seek to encourage your development in each of these areas.

I will abide by all national and state laws pertaining to the ethical treatment of minors. I will adhere to the Code of Ethics of the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors. Furthermore, I am governed by the policies, procedures, and standard practices as established by the State of Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska City Public Schools School Board Policy.


I will protect the confidentiality of information received through our counseling relationship as specified by federal and state laws, written policies and ethical standards. I will also protect the confidentiality of your school records and release personal data only according to prescribed laws and school policies.

From time to time, I will share information about you with other staff members at our school. I will only share information with staff members if it is necessary to adequately evaluate, counsel and assist you with your personal, social, academic, and career development needs.

I cannot guarantee confidentiality in group counseling sessions due to the nature and composition of such sessions. All group members are asked to refrain from disclosing personal information learned about fellow group members as a part of the group counseling process to anyone outside the group. I cannot, however, ensure that all group members will always maintain confidentiality.

I will respect the inherent rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians and may share information with them when it is necessary in order to keep you or another individual from being harmed. I recognize that all parents/guardians are vested with certain rights and responsibilities for the welfare of their children by virtue of their position and according to law.

The following are further legal and/or ethical exceptions to confidentiality:
o Suspected abuse or neglect of children, elders or other vulnerable populations
o Imminent danger or possibility of harm to self or others
o Legal proceedings in which a release of information is court ordered
o Signed release of information from parent/guardian
o Clients with serious communicable diseases
o In the case of minor children, confidentiality is granted to the parent/guardian

  • This disclosure statement is required by the Mental Health Professions Practice Act and by the Board of Mental Health Practice, P.O. Box 94986, Lincoln, NE 68509 (402) 471-2117

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Counselor Information

Katie Meredith

School Counselor 
Nebraska City Middle School
901 1st Corso
Nebraska City, NE 69410402-873-5591


Important Assessment Dates

8th Grade NAEP
March 2nd, 2017

NeSA-Reading (6th, 7th & 8th)
March 28th, 2017-March 29th, 2017

NeSA-Math (6th, 7th & 8th)
April 4th, 2017-April 5th, 2017

NeSA-Science (8th)

April 11th, 2017-April 12, 2017

Scholarship Opportunities for Middle School Students

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Entries Due to Mrs. Vodicka: March 13th, 2017


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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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Nebraska City, NE

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PEP Conference
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